Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas is Coming!

I attempted some Christmas pictures of Bug in her Christmas dress but she decided not to be too cooperative....


As previously posted I went through all the trouble of making Kaley an Abby Cadabby costume that she had no trouble hating. So without further hesitation I present to you my little devil (I thought the costume was pretty appropriate lol):

What Happened in November?

November can be such a beautiful month here in North Carolina! The season really begins to set in and while I had no sessions booked I still had my camera out a lot. The leaves we're brighter and deeper then last year and everywhere you looked you couldn't help but see God's artistic work!

My Mom came in for a weekend and I was able to have a Thanksgiving dinner with her. I haven't been able to share that particular holiday with her in a long time so it was loads of fun! (she's on the right)

We did a little traveling! The day after Thanksgiving when my wee hours of the morning shopping was finished we took off with the in-laws to Sparta, NC to pick out their Christmas tree. Bug had so much fun trying to help pick out the perfect tree for her present to go under ;)

K hitching a ride on "Bobo's" shoulders..yes that's really what she really calls him.

Giving Grand Mommy a smooch

Trying to spot that most perfect tree...