Friday, May 8, 2009

Wylie Twins

I had the pleasure of shooting Jacob and Isabella Wylie's first birthday pictures. I went to college with their mommy (she was my RA) and it was so nice to reconnect with her and her husband Don. They drove up from Kannapolis for this shoot and it was even threatening rain but it turned out to be perfect weather. So meet Jake and Bella:

Sorry honey, but I'm in love...

with the Nikon D90 that is. And the little sidekicks that came along with the package that came just make my new love that my sweeter. Yep, I'm talking lenses! I am now the proud mommy to not only the D90 but an 18-105mm and a 70-300mm. They're not the yummiest lenses available but sometimes you have to start pretty good to get to great.

As soon as the battery charged I was out with the bug taking pics.

Beautiful Bride

I had the honor of taking my cousin Cerissa's bridal pictures. She is going to be so gorgeous at her wedding in June (which I also get to photograph!) But this was my first bridal session so I'm happy that it was her face I got to photograph. So here ya go.....

(PS-these were taken with the D40)