Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'm Behind....What's New?

At the beginning of September I made my first trip to Washington D.C. for a wedding and of course some site seeing! I loved it! I wouldn't want to live there but I think I could spend a few months just taking it all in. Here are some pics from my trip and the wedding:

The first night we had dinner at a nice Greek Restaurant in Old Town Alexandria

DSC_0024.JPG DSC_0031.JPG DSC_0026.JPG DSC_0025.JPG DSC_0047.JPG

The next day was site seeing and the rehearsal dinner:

DSC_0013.JPG DSC_0043.JPG DSC_0091.JPG

DSC_0189.JPG DSC_0211.JPGDSC_0220.JPG

DSC_0244.JPG DSC_0245.JPG

DSC_0082.JPG DSC_0083.JPG

Then the wedding day!

DSC_0847.jpg DSC_0808.jpg

DSC_0546.jpg DSC_0858.jpg

DSC_0494.jpg DSC_0489.jpg DSC_0268.jpg

Tropical storm Hanna was an uninvited guest to the wedding.


the last day was more site seeing!

DSC_0531.JPG DSC_0527.JPG DSC_0635.JPG

Turning Kaley into Abby Cadabby

I know Halloween is over a month away but I'm super excited about it this year! Kaley is obsessed with Sesame Street, well mostly just Elmo, Abby and Ernie so she is going to be Abby this year! She's learning to say trick-or-treat but right now it comes out as "Peta Pete" but maybe everyone will understand ;)
Anyways I still I have a few things to get for her costume but so far I have the tutu that I made and the hair that I made. I did a trial run on both, nothing fancy but here's a sneak peek!

Now if she'll just like the tutu as much as she did the hair we'll be in "Peta Pete" business!